Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Results from Audience Research- Questionnaire

Our groups formed a questionnaire in which we asked a sample of 100 people, in order for this to be a more manageable task we each had 25 questionnaires in which to get completed and to then draw upon conclusions giving us inspiration into the types of things that people like to see within thriller openings.

1. When the term thriller movie comes to your mind what are your first reactions of what would would expect to see?

This was an open question giving a range of different answers some which were similar. Most people expected to see guns and car chases, excitement, tension and suspence, it was obvious to see that many people had horror thrillers in mind as a large majority said they would expect to see gore and blood.

2. When you watch a thriller film which sub genre is your favourite?
Crime, Horror, psychological, Spy, Drama, Sci-fi, Other.

This was a closed question where one or more options could have been chosen, out of the 25 people who i asked 11 people preferred the psychological genre, in 2nd place was the sub genre crime. 6 people chose this option. On the other end of the scale nobody that i asked chose the sub genre Sci-Fi.

3. What do you think is the main part of building suspense in a thriller?
Music, setting, sound, camera angles or pace

This again was a closed question where the person filling out the questionnaire had to choose an option, 15 people thought that sound and music was the main part in building suspense, closely followed by the setting.

4. If you were to watch a thriller what would you not want to see in it?

Most people felt that to have comedy and romance scenes within a thriller was inapropriate as it would take away from the tension and suspense in which they would associate with thriller films.

5. Would you expect characters to be stereotypical in a thriller or would you like them to represent something different to their normal association?

I felt that this qeustion wasn't perhaps such a good question ton include as it didn't really help the group in deciding aspects of our opening, nevertheless people would prefer to see characters differing from their normal association in order for the plot to be less predictable.

6. What sort of conclusion do you most like to see in a thriller?

The answers recieved from this question varied from some people wanting a surprise ending, some wanting a cliffhanger and others wanting an ending which clearly ended leaving the viewer satisfyed with the outcome.

7. Do you prefer thrillers to have a straightforward plot or do you prefer plot twsits?

Everybody bar one person decided that they liked to see plot twists within a thriller narrative, however this does not apply to us as we only have to create the opening although it is useful to know and extend my audience research knowledge behind the thriller genre.

8. How much of the plot do you think would be revealed in the opening of a thriller?

Everybody asked felt that a minimum amount of the plot should be revealed during the opening, however we should be at least introduced to the protagonist and antagonist.

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