Monday, 5 January 2009

Evaluation of Thriller Anamatic

(Unfortunately our anamatic was uncompleted and once completed deleted from the laptop in which we created, hence no video.)

After class feedback it became apparent that on a whole our group’s anamatic was of a pleasing standard. We made good use of sound so that an atmosphere was created. It also aided awareness for the audience for a sounder understanding as to what was going on during each shot. Inclusion of flashbacks within our opening proved difficult to portray in a storyboard however they were understood by the audience without explanation which we were particularly pleased with.

The anamatic has helped us to improve our opening further by being able to view whether things look appropriate and create suspense and tension in a desired manner. It showed us that we need decrease the length of particular shots which continued for an unnecessary amount of time, in addition it was evident that we had too many shots which included running, this became boring for the audience, consequently losing their interest.

Now that these problems and improvements have become apparent our final thriller opening should hopefully be one which holds suspense and tension urging the audience to continue to watch.

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