Sunday, 25 January 2009

Third Filming- 25/01

@ 16:42:

Today, from feedback recieved we went out to the woods and re-shot a few of our shoots, we also finished our footage in outside locations. The weather was an inconvinience, however we still went out in the rain in order to complete footage. Unfortunately one of our group members was unable to make this filming date, however we have a scheduled a meeting where we will inform him of changes and extra footage that was shot.

We re-did shots which needed improvement i.e, steady hand, we felt today went more smoothly due to more experience and knowledge in set up of the certain shots. Luckily the english weather enabled perfect lighting creating intended atmosphere.

@ 18.30

Lia and Tad (actor and actress) arrived at my house and we shot our final bits of footage in a new location, the childs bedroom.
Unfortunately our camera ran out of battery so we had to improvise by using another camera which will hopefully produce the same quality of filming as the HD camera has. We felt the acting was perfect as was props and setting, it was helpful to have Tad there who has filming experience due to the fact he has already done AS media.
The shots were filmed efficently and as a group we feel confident that our camera skills have improved.

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