Monday, 9 February 2009

-Feedback from third attempt footage-

After having shown the shots we shoot on the 25/01 to our teacher we recieved some all important feedback:
- Flashback scenes which include Lia (acting as a younger version of Maizie) need to be changed due to lack of realism. Lia has little resemblance to Maizie which would consequently effect our final opening due to the fact that the flashback scenes would fail in portraying Maizie as being younger but rather it would make it look like a completely different person.

In order to overcome this we felt our only option was to change the plot slightly because there was no one we could think of who looked like a younger version of Maizie.

Additional feedback:
Add in an extra shot of Maizie playing with teddy bear (important prop within opening) so that the audience can engage with the main character and her closeness to the teddy bear.

Create a script for the characters for the shots that include dialogue.

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