Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Progress to Date

Although it feels like recently I have made little progress, I have gained numerous amounts of skills and a clear experience as to how time consuming practical production is.

My camera skills have improved significantly, I am now confident in using the camera meaning I am more open to experiment with different shots, whether proving succesful or not.

I am still hindering the skills on software such as premiere pro, my knowledge is limited but I can say that I have obtained the basic skills in order to start editing simply.

I feel that my progress where moving forward to new stages is still at a stand still, communication skills amongst me and the group are lacking and I personally feel dry of new ideas. To overcome this I believe it is essential to recieve help and advice from my teacher, in addition some extra research may be required in order to gain some inspiration to the thriller conventions that would be well suited to my thriller.

Hopefully the editing should start to develop at a faster pace now that we have more footage to work with.


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