Thursday, 5 March 2009

Editing stages

Having imported all of the relevant shots into premier in which would be used it was time to find music and sound effects. In order to meet the conventions of the task it proved difficult to find the specific type of music in which I was looking for. As our thriller is the sub genre: psycological the music I required was mysterious and eerie.

Finding the music proved very time consuming, the websites in which I located held music that was perfect for what I required but was not copyright free. When I finally found a website which offered copyright free music I searched the various styles and eventually found music that was suitable for my thriller opening.

Editing it into the specific clips proved easier than I anticipated it would be. By using the audio transitions available such as constand gain the different music blended in with eachother.

After having shown our opening to our teacher we were given numeous feedback:
- lengthen and change certain clips in order to detract from the trailer style we had adapted in sections of our opening, additionally a suggesstion was to change part of the music as it was slightly up tempo for the theme of our thriller.

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