Thursday, 23 April 2009

Final Grading/Freedback

After a days session looking through our own and eachothers thriller openings we recieved or grades and additional feedback in which will help to make up our evaluation.

My thriller opening was awarded a grade B-, which personally I was very dissapointed with, after having spent alot of time and effort it was disheartening to have recieved the lowest grade in the class, nevertheless a good grade and with it useful feedback which I will take into deep consideration in order to achieve higher in future pieces of work.

Our teacher expressed that the numerous pieces of music which we included into our opening was the main thing in which let us down, for such a short piece of work too much music detracted from the action on screen and made the piece feel bitty thus lacking flow. Additionally location choice (woods) acted too cliche and thus lost the audiences attention.

Our peers believed that our costume choice could have been considered better, they felt it confusing that a young girl would wear such clothing and lipstick, which pointed out that our intended portrayal, which was that of a disturbed, abused "emo" girl was unsuccessful. additionally they also felt from what was seen of the narrative it appeared fairly complex thus leaving them with a feeling of intrigue.
In comparison to other groups work it is evident that ours lacks in certain aspects, editing of sound being a main one, but overall I was generally pleased with the outcome of our piece, we were congratulated on the engagement we included with characters which other groups tended not to include.

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