Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Continuity Task

Taking into consideration that it was only the third time any of the group had ever filmed anything with a continuing narrative before, I believe we were successful in many aspects of the filming. We followed the task set and included everything that was asked for: someone entering and then exiting a room after a brief conversation.

Use of sound was effective through the fade ins and outs helping to keep the piece of filming continual. In addition varied shorts such as high angle cleverly portrayed the actor as inferior which was the intended effect and mirrored the narrative.

However editing at the beginning lacked consistency meaning that the narrative lacked continuity. The filming must look natural and convincing which ours did not due to poor editing. Aditionally my poor acting skills didn't help.

Another point to take into account is that when there is a new shot, to make sure that the angle changes as otherwise it looks to jumpy and as if something has simply been cut from the piece of film.

We showed initiative in displaying the male character as inferior but it would have been good to use a low angle shot of the actress in order to then portray her as superior.

Lastly, if our group was to do this task again I would take into consideration all of the above points which would improve the overall filming. Time was not an issue within our group; we worked efficiently and completed the task within a set time.

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