Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ideas for Thriller Opening

Storyboarding: Here are a few images of our storyboard.

protaganist- girl
antagonist- male character, father perhaps

14 year old girl- slightly disturbed. Bright red lipstick, black boots, white and black stripy dress.

Father- male character- alcoholic: wife beater, jeans, overall scruffy look.

teddy bear
whisky bottle
toys and soft teddys scattered around girls bedroom.

Due to the nature of our chosen sub-genre and after research into the BBFC, I have decided that the best cerfiticate for our thriller would be 15, its disturbing narrative would be too complex and harrowing for children aged 12-15 but it lacks gore and horror, similarly sex and nudity thus why it wouldn't be placed into an 18 certificate.

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