Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Practice Anamatic

(Due to technial problems I was unable to upload the anamatic)

I believe my anamatic was quite unsuccessful, although from this I learnt many valuable points. It was mainly because of the quality of drawing; we split up the storyboarding between our group so that we each had four shots to draw, the outcome of this was a lack in consistency and some of the drawings were very unclear. From this we learnt that the storyboarding should be done by one person and as a group we have allocated the best drawer this job.

However, the inclusion of sound within the anamatic was quite effective as was the timing of each shot, for example the lengthy shots creating suspense and the quick shots displaying the action. Chosen sounds fitted in well with the action on screen and at the same time helped to emphasise the action.

From this practice anamatic I was introduced to the programme premier and the different effects and settings that it had, becoming accustomed with this programme was good practice before going on to storyboard our opening the a thriller.

If I was to do the anamatic again I would drastically improve the quality of the drawings, remember to add in vital arrows showing the movement of the camera, i.e. panning and make sure the drawing was accurately in the frame to portray the type of shot that was going to be used.

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