Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Practice Filming

(Video file size was too large to upload and i don't know how to compress the file)

The practicing filming task I believe was a valuable and useful experience as it helped me gain skills and become more familiar with premier, a programme I previously had no knowledge about. I learnt how to use the filming equipment safely and effectively, how to upload the video onto the computer and then how to edit it, add audio effects etc.

Whilst completing the task I came across a few problems which were mainly due to lack of knowledge on the use of premier, for example cutting a piece of music so that it’s not too long, I now know to use the razor tool. My main problem was that the finished edited piece of filming didn’t save, so when I later returned to it I had to add the soundtrack in again which I rushed and now the final piece is not up to as high a standard as it was. However I was impressed with our actual filming as our group managed not to break the 180 degree rule, although we did miss a shot which therefore meant that one of the actors appeared from nowhere in the following shot. A mistake which will be taken into consideration and mistake that will not be made again.

If I was to do this task again I would familiarise myself more with premier before starting the task, in order for the completion of the task to me more time efficient. As well as this I would take more time and care over the editing so that it’s more precise. Lastly the lighting used was very dull and made the piece of film look less professional; I will therefore pay more attention to the lighting in future.

Our group’s organization during filming was efficient and we finished our filming in good time allowing us to proceed with the next sub-task that was planned for the next lesson. However the entire group including myself needs to become more accustomed to the use of premier in order for the organization during the sub-task of editing to be more effective.

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