Monday, 3 November 2008

Thriller Opening 2- 28 Days Later

28 Days Later (2002)
Director: Danny Boyle
Horror/Sci Fi Thriller:

The extract opens with screeching violins reflecting upon the protagonist’s emotional state; sense of longing for normality, which the long drawn out notes of the violin expertly display. The chosen music also has an eerie feel to it, a typical convention within a horror/Sci Fi thriller.

Constant images of blood reflect upon the horror elements that will be evident in the film; it also plays on the theme of death, again another theme evident within this film. Special effects cleverly create the effect of mutating cells being viewed under a microscope which is shown through the twist of colour, black into red, thus acting symbolically of themes within the science fiction genre.

The conflict in horror thrillers between the main characters are not only emotional but physical and mental too, as mentioned the protagonists emotional state is displayed through the use of the sound, their mental state has been demonstrated through special effects; flickers of black and white interference that can be seen on a TV creates a feeling of madness and loneliness, this technique is particularly common of the horror genre when the TV fuzzes and switches off due to the antagonist. Moreover, the protagonist’s physical status can be depicted through the images of blood, suggesting he/she may experience near death situations.

The placements of the titles are in no particular arrangement or relevance, in random corners of the screen, perhaps suggesting twisting plots and a complex narrative.

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