Monday, 3 November 2008

Thriller Opening 3- Casino Royale

Casino Royale (2006)
Director: Martin Campbell
Action Thriller

The opening of the extract helps the audience to immediately establish the action thriller genre through the gunshot and dripping blood which covers the screen. A main theme throughout the film is gambling which is referenced through images of playing cards; spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts and a roulette board, echoing the protagonist’s plight.

The soundtrack has been cleverly chosen as the lyrics reflect James Bond’s character, “You know my name” is not only heard several times throughout the title sequence but it is also the title of the song which mirrors a typical line in all the James Bond films “Bond... James Bond.”
Action is evident within the title sequence, shoot outs and fighting, symbolic actions defining the action thriller genre.

Use of colour helps the audience to establish James as the protagonist, he is shown in black and white; white portraying him as the “good guy” but the black shows mystery and some evil, purely by the fact he takes so many people’s lives. Contrasting, the villains have been shown in red representing their fate and death to come.

The editing quickens throughout the sequence reflecting upon the race against time (common in action thrillers).

The titles are displayed in white to stand out against the mainly red background, the main characters and directors titles have been centralised showing their importance and the rest of the titles have been placed in random places around the screen showing little significance.

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