Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Summary of Analysis (Thriller Openings)

After extensive research and analysis it has become apparent as to the different types of codes and conventions that are common within the thriller genre.

Editing, sound, mise-en-scene, titles and camera all combine together and work effectively in giving the audience an insight to the protagonist in the film rather than focusing on the antagonist. For instance fast pace music is common within most of the openings I analysed as it reflects upon the protagonist’s race against the clock which is typical of the narrative within the thriller genre.

In addition, it became obvious that in order to fully understand why codes have been used in different ways a knowledge into the sub-genre is needed, The Illusionist uncommonly displays slow paced editing because of its sub genre, drama/mystery- a genre that possesses slow unwinding complex plots hence the use of slow editing. However it still holds elements that can be seen in the genre thriller as a whole, for example the use of dark colours connoting evil and death.

To clearly summarise- Key codes and conventions within the genre thriller as a whole:

  • Titles which reflect the protagonists psychological state
  • References to images such as blood and weapons
  • Heightening and quietening of music to create suspense
  • Dark colours and tones, connoting evil and death
  • Mise- en-scene which echoes the protagonists plight

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