Monday, 3 November 2008

Thriller Opening 5- The Illusionist

The Illusionist (2006)
Director: Neil Burger
Drama/Mystery Thriller

(Video as provided on VLE)

Editing throughout this extract is one of a slow pace which reflects upon the narrative in the film, one that focuses on character development and reveals several plot twists which is reinforced through the heightening and quietening of the music: common generic conventions of drama and mystery thrillers.

The chosen sound track helps the viewer to establish the time period, classical, which tends to act symbolically of the dated era, the chosen colour scheme, sepia also reinforces the old time period in which the film is set as photographs in those days came out in sepia.

Another main colour used within the opening sequence is black, connoting mystery hence the mystery genre the film possesses. It could be suggested that the chosen title font reflects the protagonists psychological state, the curviness and easy flowing font could signify the protagonist to be one who is easily manipulated.

Use of the camera shaking and chosen transitions create a sense of illusion; like everything is a blur mirroring the title of the film. The lack of quality of the images presented aids to the feeling of mystery, nothing is being revealed.

The extract closes with an extreme close up of a pair of eyes, tying in nicely with the idea that eyes are central in creating illusions and hypnotising people (form of magic) which is a main theme within the film.

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