Monday, 3 November 2008

Thriller Opening 4- Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible (1996)
Director: Brian De Palma
Spy Thriller

Fast tempo music has been chosen, typical of spy thriller genre and also reflects upon the protagonist’s race against the clock further cemented through the extremely quick pace of editing which also creates suspense for the viewer, again common of the thriller genre. The extract opens with an explosion setting the scene for the audience on what is to come.

The titles run quickly of the screen and help to show the protagonists psychological state. There are many references to the government through the close ups of special government equipment. Many of the shots have been put into negative mirroring the type of equipment government official’s use.

Dark colour has been used helping to establish the dark and mysterious tones that are common within spy thrillers. Furthermore close ups of the characters faces help the audience to engage with characters emotions and deep concentration.

Juxtaposing images of different characters help explain the narrative and show how two rival governments are working at different stages on the same investigation.

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